Johan Stiernspetz Design is a graphic design company that specializes in developing a pleasing way to present a visual image. On and in all sorts of media. We specializes in book and logo design, but in 2017 there will be illustration work as well.

Since 2008 the Publicera Publishing Group Ltd have used JSD as a partner in designing photographic books.

What's up

PictureBank is up and running. Infrared fine art photographs is first out on the market. The fine art is printed by a Certified Studio for Digital Fine Art Printing of Hahnemühle FineArt. More information are found at


At our partner Publicera Publishing House a documentary book about the taxi business is in production.

It is written from behind the wheels, and gives a fantastic view of what the job as a taxi driver is about. We got a manuscript from a person with personal experience that gives this book a real edge to the stories.


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From the cover of the coming book »När tystnaden hörs«

(When silence is heard)


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